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Japan's first quarter GDP grew by 5.9% far better than expected

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Beijing time on May 15th morning news, despite the global economic growth is still weak, but the Japanese economy rebounded strongly in the first quarter of 2014. Due to the consumption tax hike and employment improvement, Japan's domestic demand firepower.

Japan's cabinet on Thursday released data show that the first quarter GDP annualized rate of 5.9%, compared with an expected rate of 4.2%. Taking into account the fourth quarter of last year, Japan's GDP growth slowed to 0.1% in the first quarter data showed strong rebound in the Japanese economy. At the same time, it also proves that 17 months after the new deal, the prime minister Abe Shinzo, Japan's views on the economic situation of consumers optimistic.

Japan's GDP data better than expected, the dollar fell against the yen. Japan's economy minister Kari Aki said that the Japanese economy is making steady progress in the fight against deflation, will take appropriate measures to deal with downside risks.

Prior to April 1st this year, the sales tax hike, the Japanese people set off a wave of consumer spending, strongly stimulated the growth of consumer spending. It also encourages companies to increase production and capital spending, create more job opportunities and increase overtime.

Japan's private consumption in the first quarter was 8.5%. This data is very strong, helping the Japanese economy to get rid of the negative impact of the U.S. economy, the largest exporter.

But in the first quarter of personal consumption ahead of madness, the second quarter data may be unsatisfactory. For example, in April and early May retail sales have shown a slowdown in personal consumption, especially in the automotive, durable goods such as refrigerators and televisions. But some retailers say sales are not as bad as expected.

In order to reduce the impact of personal consumption slowdown, the Andouble administration called for the rapid implementation of this spring's fiscal expenditure items.

Abe Shinzo through to take decisive monetary easing and fiscal expenditure policy, trying to get the Japanese economy out of decades of deflation and stagnation, but its determination on structural reforms are not enough. Andouble, known as the "third arrows" of the structural reform program is not implemented so that investors disappointed, to some extent, led to the decline in Japan's stock market this year.

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